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A great restaurant is one that makes you wonder whether you went out or you came home


Aappakadai was started with the thought of introducing the taste and flavors of Aappam to Northern California, United States. Aappakadai was started with a small team of experienced chefs who are passionate about South Indian Chettinad Food. The recipes of Aappakadai come from the spice racks of the Grandmother. Traditionally fresh and hot home-made ‘Aappam’ were sold by Aappakadai as a breakfast dish in the streets of Chettinad.

‘Aappam’ is a specialty dish from the Chettinad, made of fermented rice flour. Traditionally Aappam is served with coconut milk. But Aappakadai serves Aappam with various Chettinad spicy dishes like Goat Paaya.



Aappam is most prevalent in Tamil Nadu, Sri Lanka, and Kerala. Belonging to the Sangam period corresponding to between 100 BC and 100 AD. Aappam (or hoppers in English) first originated in South India. It is similar to a dosa (rice or lentil pancake). Originally, it was prepared from a batter newe of ground soaked rice and coconut milk. Aappam can be found throughout India sold at restaurants and street vendors known as hopper men. It is just something that seems to be a revolution in the food world.


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